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Altar servers: This ministry provides members of the church with a true opportunity to function as lay ministers by reverently assisting the pastor during Sunday service and at special services throughout the year.

Lectors declare the Word of God clearly and understandably so that all who hear may respond.

The praise group provides music during church service. Members are encouraged to share their musical talents with the rest of the congregation through this ministry.

Ushers/ Greeters: Being a welcoming community is very important to us. Ushers and greeters are the first face of the church. They greet those coming into our church, offer assistance to those in need, distribute church programs/bulletins, and distribute other materials as needed.

Decoration committee: This ministry involves decorating the church in a manner uplifting to worship. Although Christmas and Easter are the high points of the year for art and environment, there is always something to do year-round from changing the altar linens to putting flowers at the altars.

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501, Murphy Road, Stafford Texas 77477
+1 832 267 6123


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