Rev. Folusho describes himself a focused, engaging and Christ-centered believer and leader. Others have described him as charismatic, caring, hardworking, personable and artistically driven. His passion is to help a church grow by stimulating excitement and enthusiasm through the discovery of the fullness of God’s Love. He makes it a point to lay emphasis on developing our spiritual lives as well as the physical, hence coining the phrase “the spiritual control the physical”

Rev. Folusho places a strong prominence on the Word of Truth and in true worship and is focused on showing the church how to enjoy being in God’s presence, and tirelessly loving the things of God.
Anglican Church of Pentecost is a church blessed with dedicated individuals, ranging from the youths to the adults. Rev. Folusho is able to reach a broader audience through his grand exposure in media insights. With this experience, he has brought new light and connection to the church using modern technologically advancements toward evangelism and preaching the Gospel; he believes that more souls can be reached each day, through engaging media outlets.

The Rev. Folusho John Kolawole is our Parish Pastor, who arrived here in May 2018 with his wife, Ijeoma.

Rev. Folusho describes his leadership style as one that sees the best in people and urges them to be dedicated to the things of God through encouragement, motivation and helping them to envision what they want to do. He is skilled at conflict resolution and his inter-tribal marriage has helped him to believe in sight beyond cultural differences and encourages diversity.

Rev. Folusho is very a kind and compassionate person; he thrives in yielding aid to people in need. He also fulfills himself in preaching the word, preparing sermons, and leading bible study. He embodies himself in the growth of the church and is richly involved in its stewardship and evangelical components.
More so, Rev. Folusho is a fulfilled visual artist who enjoys painting, mainly with oil and acrylics. He also has two songs (singles) to his account as a musician. He is also a director, an actor, editor and producer of Christian films under the umbrella of his media ministry, Rhema Planters Media Inc.
Please welcome and embrace Pastor Folusho and his wife and family to our church- The Anglican Church of Pentecost.

Daniel 11:32b “… but the people that do know their God shall be strong, and do exploits

.” (KJV).

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